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We at S.G.H.P.C. would like to have you partner up with our ministry to help us spread the gospel, OUR (target) IS THE UNITED STATES, then the NATIONS. Your first fruit seed of any amount will help in the work of the kingdom. When you partner with us you will be blessed with service recordings E-mail to you, or CD’S mailed to you, Shofar blown over your first fruit seed for increase, and prayer from Apostle Crawford himself. It is a blessing to have our pastor to take out time to pray for all our partners that call in for prayer.  He is a man who God is working great miracles thou. Be a partner, WE CAN HELP.  

There are many ways to become a partner.

You can partner with us by going to our web site


Or Call 773-957-5165.  Or by mail S.G.H.P.C. Po. Box 17108 Chicago IL 60617.

God Bless.


I would consider it an honor to partner with you in this vision of teaching the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ in America and around the world.

I believe the message the Lord has entrusted me to deliver will change the way the body of Christ perceives God. However, it doesn't matter how important the message is or how well I deliver it, until the message is sent, no one will hear. Partnership makes the delivery possible.


Every partnership has the potential to change numerous lives as we continue reaching as far and as deep with the Gospel as possible. Melvin is believing God for 10,000 new partners, averaging $50 per month, to help him meet his vision of expanding television outreach and completing Phase 1 construction at The Sanctuary.

Become a First Friut Partner today with a minimum monthly pledge of $30, which is the equivalent of just $1 per day. Many of you can give more, but if you are unable to commit to $30 per month, we do not want to exclude you from becoming a First Fruit Partner. Please call us at: 773-957-5165

Go to our web site @ and hit the DONATE BUTTON

I will go before the Lord for you every day in prayer. Apostle Melvin Crawford


 If you would like to DONATE to the ministry, You can also use QUICK PAY if you have a Chase bank account use this info 7739575156 phone # / or email you can send DONATIONS through Chase Bank./ or Paypal. Hit donate butting for paypal. 

We are 501c  Apostle Melvin Crawford and the ministry staff want to let you know how much we appreciate your gift to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations

Luke 6:38 tells us to "give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over."

God bless you,


Deacon David Harper

Tithing is very simple but hard for some people. If you really want to 
see god change your situation you must be consistent with your tithes, 
not I will tithe this week and not next week .if you tithe here and 
there you will see here and there blessings. God still will help you 
but god calls it robbing him of tithes and offerings. If you are doing 
that ask for forgiveness. You reap what you sow whatever you give god 
god gives you way more than you give. Some people say I give and I did 
not see the return well you probably did not look closely. You must 
expect believe and give cheerfully these are key components to your 
reward. God rewards are not always money it can be a change in your 
situation, more time to pay a bill, someone fixing your car for free, 
escaping a accident awesome examples, tithing is a part of the bible 
where god wants you to trust him. If you need something what better way 
to give to see if tithing works. God do not lie we lie. Guarantee tithe 
consistently watch god show and show out. Call gods bluff you will be 
shocked. if you must pay a bill let's say it's $200 you only have $50 you 
might as well try or give it to god you don't have enough any way . God 
really blesses when you trust him with your last, remember you give 
little you get little god still gives big depends on your situation. 
Every time I need a job for my business when it gets slow when I tithe and offering
jobs come from all over. You must believe receive and give on a 
regular basis and watch what happens. Thank the lord. Your brother Deacon David Harper


You can give a one time love gift to help take the Chicago Fire Revival

all over the world.

Thank you.


Shekinah Glory Healing & Perfecting Center / Chicago Fire Revival


If you would like to DONATE to the ministry, You can also use QUICK PAY if you have a Chase bank account use this info 7739575156 phone # or email you can send DONATIONS through Chase Bank.  

You can give a one time gift.

Thank you 

Become a Partner

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